Jane Helslander
About The Artist

Red Loops Hovering in Field of Buff & White

Cobalt Floating Over Buff & White Field

White Form Over Black Noise

Buff on Red with Lines

A River Ain't Too Much To Love

Red and White Ovals over a Color Field

Reclining Form in Buff & White

Cadmium Red Looping Over Buff & Black Noise

Ghost Strokes

White Arcs on Red #2

White Arcs on Red

Carrier Wave

Black Lariat

Sunrise, Sunset - Yellow

Black Ovals w/ Grey & Blue

Red & Green

Silver Ovals w/ Orange

Red and Black on Yellow

Untitled (Red On Blue)

White on Cadmium Yellow

Diptych With Silver

Midnight In The Forest

Check Your Eight

Composition on Buff and Yellow Field - SOLD

Untitled (Black Ovals w/ Blue & Yellow)

Untitled (Ultramarine/Cobalt)

Composition in Red and White

Above and Below

Loop Mutation


Silver Ovals on White Field

Red Stream