Jane Helslander
About The Artist

Red Loops Hovering in Field of Buff & White SOLD

Cobalt Floating Over Buff & White Field SOLD

White Form Over Black Noise SOLD

Buff on Red with Lines SOLD

A River Ain't Too Much To Love

Red and White Ovals over a Color Field

Reclining Form in Buff & White SOLD

Cadmium Red Looping Over Buff & Black Noise SOLD

Ghost Strokes

White Arcs on Red #2 SOLD

White Arcs on Red

Carrier Wave

Black Lariat

Sunrise, Sunset - Yellow SOLD

Red Stream

Silver Ovals on White Field


Red and Black on Yellow

Untitled (Red On Blue)

White on Cadmium Yellow

Diptych With Silver

Midnight In The Forest

Check Your Eight

Composition on Buff and Yellow Field - SOLD

Untitled (Black Ovals w/ Blue & Yellow)

Untitled (Ultramarine/Cobalt)

Composition in Red and White

Above and Below

Loop Mutation