September 7 through October 12, 2019

Saturday, September 7, 2019
12:00 to 9:00 p.m.


Signs of Wear, an exhibition of new works by Texas artist Randall Reid

Signs of Wear, an exhibition of new works by Texas artist Randall Reid Signs of Wear, an exhibition of new works by Texas artist Randall Reid, will be on display September 7 through October 12 at William Campbell Contemporary Art. An opening reception will be held on Fort Worth Art Dealers Association's (FWADA) Fall Gallery Night, Saturday, September 7, from 12:00 to 9:00 p.m. The show will include a collection of works featuring Reid's signature constructions of wood, metal, and other found objects, repurposed and arranged to create three-dimensional wall pieces. The resulting designs present bold, abstracted patterns that categorize the otherwise utilitarian materials in a contemporary aesthetic framework, while at the same time recalling their familiarity and cementing a connection to the past.

Reid's work is largely about the history of its components, both physical and emotional. The people who manufactured them, the functions they served, the places they dwelled, the memories they created, all come alive for the artist as he reassembles the individual parts into rhythmic formations of color, line, and texture, often centered on a reference point such as a weathered toy or a patinaed measuring tool. For Reid, each construction is a "confluence of how many things had to occur before I was able to make the piece."

Signs of Wear, an exhibition of new works by Texas artist Randall Reid Situated at the center of a painting-sculpture-assemblage triad, Reid's finished compositions strike a balance between slick, geometric shapes and roughly painted wood segments in varying stages of saturation. Typically measuring three inches thick, their significant depth directly impacts viewer space, while also reinforcing their overall tactile quality, rooted in physical heft and hand-hewn precision, as well as in Reid's own memories of digging through piles of his grandparents' memorabilia.

As much as Reid's artworks bring history alive, they also propel the reassembled objects into new, perhaps unexpected futures. "I change the history... alter the path of the materials," says the artist, whose actions, in turn, change not just physical traits and uses, but also viewer perception To that end, Reid's artist statement describes the work as paying homage to the past while simultaneously forging ahead toward new evolutions: "He opens and transforms dormant memories from chapters previously closed into new life with new meaning. By re-contextualizing the past, Randall creates new iterations that abound in the present."

Signs of Wear, an exhibition of new works by Texas artist Randall Reid When it comes to collecting materials, Reid considers himself a "hunter gatherer." In addition to stores of household items belonging to him and his family, Reid finds his would-be media at flea markets, antique stores, and garage sales. As such, he maintains a vast inventory of antique tools, toys, and raw materials waiting to be transformed.

Ultimately, Reid's work combines elements of chance with a deliberate aesthetic intention as he fits disparate pieces together into one cohesive entity. Further, they become a fusion of the physical, visual, and cerebral considerations of the artist-a personal, creative archaeology that Reid has cultivated throughout his career. "It's always been my history," he says. "Finding something and reacting to it, relating to it, deconstructing it."


Signs of Wear, an exhibition of new works by Texas artist Randall Reid For more than three decades, artist Randall Reid has exhibited work in over three hundred venues across Texas and the United States, in New York City, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Little Rock, New Orleans, San Antonio, and Santa Fe, among others. Notable juried exhibitions include the Delta Exhibition at the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock, the Texas National at Stephen F. Austin State University, the Valdosta National at Georgia's Valdosta State University, and the Bradley National Print & Drawing Exhibition at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois.

Reid's work is included in various corporate and public collections, including those of the Raymond James Financial Corporation; GTE; Haynes and Boone, LLP; NFR Energy; Price Waterhouse, Dallas; Cedar Park Regional Medical Center; the Arkansas Art Center; the Austin Museum of Art; Texas State University at San Marcos; the Longview Art Museum; Texas Tech University; and New Orleans Public Service, among others. Books featuring his work include Randall Reid: Full Circle; Randall Reid: Layers of Perception; Recontextualized: Ordered Layers; and Beyond Surface.

Randall Reid earned his MFA from Texas Tech University and a BFA from Louisiana Tech University. He currently teaches at Texas State University, San Marcos, where he has been a professor of art and design since 1988.


Signs of Wear, an exhibition of new works by Texas artist Randall Reid Founded in 1974 by William and Pam Campbell, William Campbell Contemporary Art exhibits high-quality contemporary art in a variety of media, including paintings, works on paper, mixed-media constructions, photography, prints, ceramics, and sculpture. By exhibiting nationally recognized artists, along with new and emerging talent, the gallery aims to nurture an awareness and appreciation of the exciting diversity found in contemporary art.


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