The Uniqueness of a Space

The gallery walls are lively and rich with different pieces of art. The uniqueness of the space is not something that stops when leaving the gallery. A large part of the art selection process and its particular curation is Peeler and Trish’s collaborative ability to envision how pieces will work in a living space. There is a belief in the art world that people buy art that “matches,” whereas we are all about taking the pieces you love and creating balance.

Basically, our philosophy is unity over uniformity. In our Acanthis exhibition, much of the work envelopes you in color and could be displayed alone, but the question was posed, “How would these pieces do in a residential space without competing with each other?

Kylie, our director, is certainly not afraid of color and had recently moved into a completely unadorned and spacious apartment. Her style also aligns with Peeler and Trish’s style of selecting work of various media, techniques, and materials and weaving those together to make a cohesive whole. Therefore, this was the perfect experiment. We gave Kylie’s apartment a makeover!

Blending Style with Whimsy

Trish helped by picking pieces that utilized Kylie’s personal sense of style and whimsy, and Peeler chose pieces that really exemplify this philosophy. Their design not only fully allows for the art to express itself, but showcases pieces that might otherwise compete with each other.

“Another plus of not utilizing one color and one style is it gives you opportunity to continue to add pieces in without distracting from another one and it creates a symphonic balance” – Trish

The apartment is definitely very “Kylie” but not at the expense of the art. Peeler and Trish’s upgrade of Kylie’s apartment shows tender care and appreciation for every work. All the pieces shown are for sale.

“We stayed color palette consistent, with a refinement that has a touch of funkiness and New Mexico flare.” – Peeler

Photos of Kylie’s Apartment

Featured Artwork

“Darwin’s Coral 2351”
Bernd Haussmann

“Balancing Point for Autumn”
Kevin Tolman

“Study Hummingbird Wing”
Ken Dixon

“Flute 2”
Tom Hollenback

“Sky Brick series: Untitled 2018”
Michelle Benoit

“Stem Cell Oculus #4”
John Holt Smith

“Rue De Paris”
Luther Smith

Julie Lazarus

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