Current Exhibition

Julie lazarus



The gallery presents a remarkable collection of paintings and Murano glass sculptures by gallery artist Julie Lazarus. This extraordinary collection draws inspiration from the enchanting city of Venice, Italy. Throughout her life, Julie Lazarus has been inexorably drawn to “The Floating City,” enticed by its remarkable people, breathtaking architecture, labyrinthine waterways, and the annual celebration, Festa del Redentore. Lazarus’ personal experiences in Venice have profoundly influenced her work. She captures the essence of those experiences not only in her large-scale oil on canvas paintings but also in her intricately layered mixed media pieces and evocative blown glass sculptures. Another standout feature of this exhibition is the series of glass hearts inspired by her daily commute to the Murano studio via public waterbus. The glass hearts embody Lazarus’ connection to the emotions stirred by her journeys alongside visitors heading to Cimitero di San Michele, Venice’s historic cemetery. Through these glass sculptures, Lazarus skillfully encapsulates the emotional weight of the experience and extends empathy to her fellow travelers.

Maxine Helfman


The gallery debuts the work of fine art photographer, Maxine Helfman. For this exhibition, Helfman captures vibrant floral and avian still lifes and pairs them with large, arboreal landscape panels of the Moroccan forest to create a unique viewer experience. The collection is a testament to her unparalleled ability to reveal the hidden layers of her subjects through evocative and thought-provoking imagery. Drawing inspiration from both classical portraiture and modern visual storytelling, Helfman has skillfully crafted a series of photographs that transcend mere visual representation. The images are rich, robust and to be experienced in person.