Luther Smith

About Luther Smith

Luther Smith is a landscape photographer, who makes photographs that explore and reflect the beauty and complexity of our natural world and they serve as a record of land use. He sees the landscape as something important in itself, not just a background for human activity.

Smith works with large format cameras that make photographs with a wealth of detail and texture. They show us the intricacies of the natural and human altered landscapes. These photographs document the Landscape of our time. They elucidate the beauty in our environment for they describe the textures, form and elegance in the seeming chance relationships between plants, rocks, water and sky.

He photographs near home, Fort Worth, Texas, and in distant places. The photographs serve as a notebook of travel log for they reflect his relationship to the land and the land itself. The tones in the photograph reflect the mysteries of light and space.

His recent photographs were made in his home state of Mississippi and other Southern states including: Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. He has also made photographs in New Zealand, England, Scotland and Spain. The “Trinity River series was published as a book by TCU press. His work is in numerous collections including: The Amon Carter Museum, Dallas Museum of Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the High Museum, Atlanta.We carry works from the following series:

The High School Rodeo series 1984-1986
Red River Landscapes 1986-1989
Trinity River Landscapes 1986-1994
New Zealand Landscapes 1995
United Kingdom Landscapes 1997
Where I live Series 1993- Present
Civil War Sites 1986-Present
Landscape photographs of the American South